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"Cause one day we’ll all be together, sippin heavenly champagneWhat angels saw, with golden wings in Thugz Mansion”
Tupac and American History
Me: Tupac died at such a young age and still became an iconic figure in the United States. If Malcolm X had died that young he would have been known as a street "thug, " if Dr. King would have died at such a young age he would have been a local baptist preacher. Imagine the heights that Tupac could have reached if he had lived longer.
Teacher: Tupac was just a dude with a bandana who got shot. He's irrelevant to American history.
Me: Hip Hop is the product of centuries of colonization and oppression by the United States towards Blacks in America, Hip Hop is the product of the struggles that the Black community in America struggle with on a daily basis. Anyone with knowledge on Hip Hop knows that Hip hop wouldn't be what it is today without Tupac. So to say that Tupac is irrelevant to American history is to deny the reality that Hip Hop is nothing but the product of American history. Tupac just like all other rappers are an example of the ability for the oppressed to shine a light in the midst of their darkness.

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N.I.A on We Heart It.
Biggie: Number three, never trust nobody.
Guru: That goes for all of us, there ain't nobody to trust.
Tupac: Get your mind straight, trust nobody.
Nas: Fake friends who hung around, who wanna bring you down, not knowin who to trust.
Jay-Z: And trust, is a word you seldom hear from us.
AMG: I refuse to lose, so I choose few and trust none.
Andre Nickatina: I don't have no trust.
Cypress Hill: Comin up in the world, don't trust nobody.

Spotted on 34th & Broadway, NYC.
Wu-Tang is for the children.

Ol Dirty Bastard


Two border-patrol officers attempt to keep a fugitive in the U.S. in this photo from National Geographic’s archive (Luis Marden/National Geographic). Click through to see more.